Thursday, August 03, 2006

Meditate for peace

I just found a wonderful article entitled Community Meditation promotes peace that's about a community in Washington State. Here's part of what it says:

South Sound's third annual Community Meditation for Global Peace begins at noon Sunday.

The 24-hour event, which will be at the Tivoli Fountain on Capitol Campus, is free, and the public is welcome to join.

"The Community Meditation is the fulfillment of a personal vision of people gathering in silence - working for peace for ourselves, our neighbors, our community and our world," said organizer Dickie Baker of Olympia.

She credits "divine inspiration" for the idea, which came to her in April 2004.

"I was walking in Point Defiance Park with a friend, and all of a sudden everything went still, everything went quiet, and I heard, 'Why not meditate for peace?' " said Baker, 52, a waitress.
Last year's event drew more than 100 people, including about 20 faith leaders, many of whom participated in the hourly reading of quotes from famous peace makers.

This year's event will be completely silent, marked only by an hourly ringing of a Tibetan singing bowl, Baker said.

Interfaith Works is sponsoring this year's event because it fits well with the organization's mission of promoting events that are inclusive of all faiths, said Kathy Erlandson, its executive director.
"The beauty of it is that you can come for five minutes or for 24 hours," Erlandson added.

I think it's a simply wonderful idea. I think I will send the article to the head of Tulsa Peace Fellowship. Who knows? Maybe it will catch on here in Oklahoma!

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