Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't give up!

This is from The Ladder of Divine Ascent:

When the soul betrays itself and loses the blessed and longed-for fervor, let it carefully investigate the reason for losing it. And let it arm itself with all its longing and zeal against whatever caused this. For the former fervor can return only through the same door through which it was lost.

-- St. John Climacus

So, if you've completely stopped meditating or just lost your confidence in meditating, find out why. "Liberate yourself by examining and investigating." Then start over. Remember, you can start your day over at any time. And you can begin again at any time with regard to your meditative practice.

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  1. I don't know ... but for me in this most recent time, it seemed to be a time of simply resting in him. It wasn't a time of no growth, but perhaps a time of consolidation of previous growth.

    But the weather has been superb for meditating outside!


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