Thursday, March 15, 2007

Naomi takes to meditation

Now I wouldn't even know about this if I didn't watch Jay Leno most nights before going to sleep. But it seems supermodel Naomi Campbell lost her temper and threw her cell phone at her maid, injuring the poor woman. (Leno, you see, has cracked a lot of jokes about it.) Take a look:
Fiery supermodel Naomi Campbell is resorting to Yoga and meditation to get a hold on her fiery temper. The supermodel believes meditation and relaxation will help her to manage her angry outbursts.

"It's part of a recovery. I'm trying to stay at a peaceful place inside," she was quoted by the Dailymail,as saying. Next week Campbell will be sweeping floors at a New York car park building as punishment for throwing a mobile phone at her maid, leaving her head badly cut. She was fined $185 and sentenced to five days community service after admitting assault in January. She was also ordered to attend anger management classes, which she said had been a "great experience".
More and more, meditation is being recognized as the way to alleviate suffering and promote happiness. Be sure and practice. This stuff really works!

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