Sunday, April 15, 2007

The free concert

I got this beautiful email from my old friend, Walter Calahan, this morning. I share it with you:
Beautiful morning.

Rain is steady but not too cold. The stream is full but hasn't flooded its banks yet.

The deep gray of the sky makes the spring greens really pop.

For me what makes this a beautiful morning are the birds.

Since it's not super cold, and the rain isn't pouring, all the birds in the area out and about singing their songs.

I went out on the porch to get wood for the fireplace insert, and paused to listen. All the different songs blending and overlapping each other was like being in a concert. This is one of the best things of living here on the ranch 'cause I'm far from the human noise that so easily drowns out nature. All it takes is one car driving by to mask 90% of the singing. When in a more urban area, with the steady roar of human activity, 100% of what nature offers us is wiped out. No wonder people are angry all the time. They are missing the free concert to touch their soul.
I so agree, Walt. No wonder people are angry all the time.

Be creative. Find ways to escape the noise pollution. And be present to the natural beauty of the world.


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    How true! I live and work in a large city. Evenings and weekends I walk 5 minutes to get to a beautiful park within walking distance of my apartment building. Saturday morning I sat on a park bench, enjoyed a brief moment of sunshine poking through the clouds, felt the cool breeze on my face, embraced the big old trees, listened to the chorus of birds, watched the waves on the pond carrying swans, ducks, geese -- always a soulful experience. Summer months bring beautiful sunsets over the pond.
    Memories of moments in "my park" keep me grounded throughout the week when I'm immersed in the noise of a big city. Jo Ann

  2. What a beautiful email. Your friend's frame of mind is so different than most urban dwellers. Very inspirational - thank you!


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