Friday, October 05, 2007

A very moving blog post

Today I stumbled upon a blog named "Inspirations and Creative Thought". I know I came across this site before but it's been several years. I'm glad to have found it again. Here's a post from June of 2005:
I'm a Muslim because I submit myself to the Lord of the world. also because I testify that "There is no god but One True God, and Mohammad is the last messenger of God."

I'm a Hindu because a hindu is a person who seeks the Truth. And God is the Eternal Truth, the Reality behind everything.

I'm a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in his second coming as the messiah. Jesus is the Spirit from God (Isa ruhullah).

I'm a Jew because I believe in Moses as great Prophet of God who spoke to God (Musa kalimullah).

I'm a Buddhist because I seek enlightenment (Nirvana) of my soul. I pay my respect to Gautama Buddha who is one of the most brilliant personalities who walked on this earth.

I'm a Taoist who believe in Tao, the Ultimate Reality behind everything.

And I have no hesitation to say to all other religion that I belong to them as well. They are all my beloved brother and sisters as One God's creation. We belong to the same family. Our blood is the same, our feelings and emotions are same. We are all seeking the same goal only at different path. And all the atheists are my brothers and sisters as well. They also have a different path to seek the Knowledge.

We are all on a journey, knowingly or unknowingly we are trying to reach to the Ultimate goal.

Some will struggle more, some will less.

Some are on straight path, some are not.

But can we deny our aspirations to Love our Beloved God?

Can we condemn other just because they speak different language and have different culture?

Can we deny their faith just because they call the same God in different name, the same God who is beyond name and form ?
Needless to say, there were commenters to this post who claimed the writer could not be what he says he is.

But I undersand. And I would say the same things - although my reasons would be different from the ones this writer has proclaimed.

One of the reasons there is such conflict in the world is the widespread intolerance of paradox and ambiguity. Black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking is very immature and very dangerous indeed.


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    This is wonderful. Thanks ofr sharing it. Marilyn

  2. I will be keeping this in my important documents. It is a very Sufi way of looking at life and spirituality. Thank you for posting this beautiful statement.

    Pax, Barbara


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