Saturday, December 06, 2008

Everything is connected

About a week ago, Frank Ford sent me this Elder's Meditation of the Day:

"Someone must speak for them. I do not see a delegation for the four footed. I see no seat for eagles. We forget and we consider ourselves superior, but we are after all a mere part of the Creation."

--Oren Lyons

Whenever we make decisions, we need to look around and see who would be affected by them. If we change the course of a river , who, what will be affected? If we put poison on the gardens, who, what will be affected? If we cut the trees and too many are cut, who, what will be affected? We need to become aware of the consequences of our actions. We need to pay attention to our thoughts. We are accountable to our children to leave the Earth in good shape.

It came from the website known as White Bison.

There is such a thing as the Law of Unintended Consequences. Our indigenous peoples were conscious of this. Most of us who are of European ancestry, sadly, are not.

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