Thursday, January 27, 2011

A place for candle meditation

I may have shared this before but, if so, it's been a long time.

Over on the very wonderful site, there's a series of pages where you can light a candle for whatever intention you wish. You can find that right here:

Light a Candle

You don't just click on a candle and that's it. The site guides you through a whole meditation that's very centering and soothing. At the very end you can stay and gaze upon your candle for as long as you wish. The candle actually flickers and provides a wonderful support for meditation.

I've been doing this every morning lately. It's a wonderful practice.

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  1. I love this candle site! I found it via MP and have been visiting daily! I must re-post also. So worth kindling these flames . . .


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