Monday, November 21, 2011

Something about boundaries

A friend of the Center who runs a recovery email list sent out the following today:
Boundaries define our comfort zone. They can be physical or emotional. We enforce them to protect our bodies and our emotions as well. In recovery we learn to enforce our boundaries by standing up for our rights against all manner of actions by others that are inappropriate in either physical or emotional space. Physically, this could range from firm rejection of physical or sexual abuse to not permitting touching of our shoulder, leg, or other body part. Emotionally, the range might cover our need to protect ourselves from efforts to brainwash us into doing something wrong to just not letting others tease us or not responding to requests for our personal information. I have the right to indicate my unwillingness to tolerate comments that are gross or offensive and the right to insist that my personal space not be invaded. For best health, I will ensure that my boundaries are neither too rigid to allow contact with others with whom it is appropriate to open up to nor too loose to allow me to get run over. I will also respect the boundaries of others.
Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is definitely part of a good meditative practice.

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