Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Meditation and the work place

This morning I found a CBS article entitled "Meditation Program Helps Relieve Stress At Work". Here's part of what it says:
Deadlines, quotas and angry bosses, for many of us, its all in a days work. Now, more and more companies are recognizing that stress can impact worker productivity and they are trying to do something about it.

Bobby Berman knows all about job stress. As a supply chain assistant for sneaker giant, Reebok, she can have some pretty tense days. But one sunny Tuesday afternoon, Bobby tried something new to relieve her stress. She and about 40 co-workers got a one-hour lesson in the ancient art of meditation.

In a basement conference room, the workers all sat quietly and listened to Richard Geller give step-by-step instructions on some basic meditation techniques.
Geller has been practicing meditation for 30 years. He developed a program designed for the corporate environment, where traditional stress relievers aren't practical. “You can’t always go for a run or get a message”, he told the group, “but you can immediately start to practice meditation.”

Job stress is more than just an inconvenience. It’s partly to blame for rising health care costs and it can lead to serious mistakes and reduced productivity. That’s one of the reasons Reebok added the meditation classes to its employee wellness program. “We have so many activities that help strengthen the body, we really wanted something to strengthen the mind,” explained company health promotion manager Ron Bartikewicz.
We can practice meditation anytime, anywhere. We don't even have to look like we're meditating. We can simply be mindful with whatever we're doing, using the present moment as our meditation support.

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