Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tree meditation

Photo by Cynthia Burgess
I found the following on the Spirituality and Practice website in an article entitled, "Summertime and Living Takes Practice":
Tree culturist P.G. Cross thinks we should all get up-close and personal with trees: "If you would live life in all its richness, then make friends with your trees, your neighbor's trees, the trees of the hillside and the highway. To form such a friendship means serenity of being, better health, and above all, lasting happiness. No tree ever proves to be a false friend." Befriend a tree for the summer. Look out for its welfare. Notice its moods. Sit beside it and bask in its energy.
And while you're at it, plant one. You'll be offsetting some carbon emissions pollution when you do.

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  1. Here, I hope is another photo of trees about which some meditation might be provoked. Look here.


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