Sunday, February 25, 2007

Being a disciple

The word "disciple" really means one who learns - who undertakes the discipline of being taught. Here's an excerpt from Barefoot on Holy Ground by Gloria Karpinski about discipleship:
Disciples are responsible for themselves, knowing they are always in the process of growing and choosing to shape their personalities to serve their spiritual intentions. Disciples tend to be open, flexible, and teachable, inclusive in their worldview and dedicated to participating in the healing of planetary challenges. In the movie City of Joy, one of the characters says there are three ways to go through life: run, observe, or commit. Disciples commit.

Disciples are found everywhere and are identified by their being, not necessarily by their doing. Disciples tend to call forth the positive and the good in every circumstance. One by one they discipline their resources—body, mind, emotions, money, careers—and these resources become their servants, not their masters.

Disciples struggle under the weight of rules imposed by external authorities but gradually grow freer by their obedience to inner guidance.
The meditative process can help us a lot with the commitment of discipleship because it will free our minds from their constant judging. Meditation helps us to become willing and open enough to be teachable.

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