Thursday, February 22, 2007

Do rituals

Here's a passage from Rituals for Our Times by Evan Imber-Black and Janine Roberts:
Rituals are a central part of life whether it be in how meals are shared together, or how major events are marked...Rituals give us places to be playful, to explore the meaning of our lives, and to rework and rebuild family relationships. They connect us with our past, define our present life, and show us a path to our future as we pass on ceremonies, traditions, objects, symbols, and ways of being with each other, handed down from previous generations.
Reflection question:
Name the one ritual - religious, family, or personal - that means the most to you. Why is it so significant?
A ritual need not be fancy or elaborate to qualify as meaningful. One of the most meaningful rituals in my daily life is my care for my dog in the morning. She loves the ritual as well and knows exactly what part comes next in our routine. It's a reference point for my daily goings about and it gives me much pleasure to see how happy it makes my dog.

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