Friday, November 30, 2007

More on the benefits of meditation

Today I found an article that is just a list, really, of the benefits of meditation. Here's a sample:

Effects on the body:
• Reduction of pain, even with chronic problems such as cancer, heart problems or AIDS
• Improved vision (eyesight)
• Improved hearing
• Strengthening of the immune system

Effects on the mind:
• Improvement of memory powers and intelligence
• Increased concentration and attention (awareness)

Effects on psychological aspects:
• An increased feeling of identity and stronger self reliance
• Stronger sense of self through positive experiences about oneself
• Increased empathy, leading to increased openness in dealing with other people
• Increased contentment and appreciation of people and good things in life
• Improved creativity through increased intuition and inspiration
• Reduction of fear
• Reductions from addictions and other bad habits
• Improvements in dealing with
* depression
* hyperactivity
* attention deficit disorder
* post traumatic stress disorder
There are more benefits listed if you want to click through. These actually make it well worth it to take those few minutes a day for regular meditation.

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