Thursday, November 08, 2007

The "seat belt" of mental health

Oh my. I really love this metaphor. Take a look:

I once heard a world-renowned psychiatrist pose a question to a room full of mental health experts. He asked, "What is the 'seat belt' of mental health? Seat belts save lives, they are a simple thing people can do to protect themselves from physical harm, but what is the comparable tool to protect us from the mental hazards of life? What is the seat belt to protect against the risks for unhappiness, depression, anxiety, pain, and suffering?"

We all know that the road of life is bumpy with unexpected drop-offs, accidents, and only the occasional smooth-sailing highway. I believe that meditation -- a practice for increasing awareness -- is truly a seat belt of mental health, a protection for us on the hazardous road of life. Meditation
doesn't mean sitting and reciting a mantra , although one could practice that way. Meditation is a mental exercise that heightens your awareness to experience.
True, true, true. Is it too much trouble to meditate? Well, is it too much trouble to fasten your seat belt? Think about it!

The above excerpt is from an article by Susan Smalley who has written several articles for The Huffington Post.

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