Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More on the benefits

Just another little summary of the benefits of meditation:

• Help heart conditions. Meditation can reduce cholesterol buildup and the risk of heart attack and stroke, reducing the death rate among the elderly. Meditation also lowers blood pressure, creating a 12.5% lower risk of stroke or coronary mortality. Some studies actually showed how heart and artery health improved 69% in meditation test groups.
• Reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation releases tension and creates the will power of consciousness to be in control of one’s life. Meditation can also help improve sleep patterns and post-traumatic stress response as well as decrease psychological distress. It helps increase mental abilities, focus and concentration.
• Reduce chronic pains. Regular meditation can reduce pain symptoms and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms as well as migraine pains.
• Improve life quality. Meditation helps improve people’s life quality, reducing the health care facilities and helps control substance abuse.
I found it right here.

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