Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The origins of meditation?

Well here's an interesting speculation from a little essay I found right here.
Mediation is considered one of the oldest forms of mental and spiritual practices all over. Although nobody can truly say what the exact history of meditation is, there are some speculations about this ancient practice.

Most scholars and documents say that the history of meditation can be traced some 5,000 years ago when the effects of the practice was discovered by ancient men by staring into the flames of a flickering fire. From then on, several meditation techniques were developed and began to spread across its continent of origin, Asia.
Of course, you can replicate that today by using a lit candle. I don't, however, recommend staring as such because that is likely to put you in a trance. Rather, gaze in a relaxed way at the flame, letting your eyes go soft in the sockets and blinking normally. If you get distracted just accept that without judgment and gently bring your relaxed attention back to the flame. Once you get the hang of this you can do it in your imagination by simply visualizing a lit candle.

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