Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meditation helps with HIV

My goodness. This is very good news:
The Scientists at the California University, Los Angeles (UCLA) reveal that mindfulness meditation helps slow down progression of HIV.

Meditation does this by relieving stress and bolstering the immune system in HIV positive patients.
The researchers conducted an eight-week mindfulness-based
stress-reduction (MBSR) meditation program and compared it to a single-day MBSR control seminar, using a stressed and ethnically diverse sample of 48 HIV-positive adults in Los Angeles.

They found that participants in the eight-week group showed no loss of CD4T cells, while the control group showed considerable declines. The research team felt that this was a clear indication that mindfulness meditation training can protect against decline in CD4 T cells, a typical hallmark of HIV progression.
You know that if meditiation can slow down the progression of HIV that it can help with ordinary stress!

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