Monday, August 18, 2008

The spiritual and moral benefits of meditation

Lately there's been so much research on the health benefits of meditation (and the pay off in terms of stress relief) that many meditators and meditation teachers emphasize these physical effects. But it is also - and, I would submit, more importantly - effective in simply making us into better, more decent human beings:

Demystified and divested of religious and cultural trappings, meditation basically means the intentional cultivation of mindful awareness and pure attention - an alert, wakeful presence of mind. This development of awareness eradicates ignorance - about ourselves and others as well as reality. Meditation awakens and frees the mind, and opens the heart, helping us develop inner wisdom, clarity, joy, and compassion, thus bringing spirituality and a larger perspective into every aspect of daily life. Meditation training helps us to concentrate as well as to see and think more clearly. In this way we develop spiritually into wiser, more selfless and caring men and women.

-- Lama Surya Das

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