Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Artist: August Macke

Hello dear readers,

Yesterday I was admitted to hospital with some symptoms consistent with heart attack in women. Fortunately, it seems to have been a false alarm but they insisted on keeping me overnight for a variety of tests.

Just wanted to let you know what's going on. Don't worry. Nothing appears to be dire. But it is a little wake up call and I'll get to find out what my cardiac status really is.

I'll get back to blogging soon!

Love to you all,


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital; the testing sounds like a pain, but will hopefully reveal some useful information. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you! Please get some rest!

  2. Oh, thank you, Courtney. I'm home now. (And the animals are SO glad!!!)

    Everything checked out okay. (But if I never have another stress test, I won't mind!) So at least I have that reassurance. Apparently the jaw and neck pain was referred pain from my back injury. At least that's the only hypothesis anybody thinks makes any sense.

    I really appreciate the positive thoughts! See you soon.

  3. Ellie
    pain that the hospital stay might have been, there's a message somewhere in there, only you can decode.

    as i suggested to someone else yesterday, perhaps the secret of our growing older is to finally allow our bodies to teach us to honour and appreciate this incredible gift of Life we've been given?

    the prayers and pratice here continue to include you with gratitude for your gracious spirit. the intention is to see you fully capable of celebrating Spring when she arrives.

    a deep bow, sister


  4. Dearest David,

    I'm very, very moved by what you said here. Thank you.

    Yes, I think you've hit on the secret. Even though I will be 60 on my next birthday, in many ways I still feel 18 inside. And so it takes mindfulness and intention to respect our bodies' discernment the way you suggest. But I completely agree with you.

    Thank you for your prayers, your intention, your thoughful and kind words!


  5. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Ellie, Glad to hear that you are home. The animals are not the only ones that are thrilled. Please take care. You are deeply loved. I hope the jaw and shoulder pain was not caused by those of us who stand on your shoulders. (We stand on the shoulders of giants.)

    Grace and peace, Marilyn


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