Friday, February 13, 2009

Extending compassion to all beings

I just read a while ago that Albert Schweitzer, the renowned humanitarian, would take time to stoop and move a worm from the hot pavement to a place on the cool earth. That demonstrates both extraordinary mindfulness and compassion. He also said the following:
A man is really ethical only when he obeys the constraint laid on him to aid all life which he is able to help … He does not ask how far this or that life deserves sympathy … nor how far it is capable of feeling.
It has been said that we can’t stop all suffering, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stop any. I so agree.


  1. Your blog is fabulous. Check out mine at where I have an award for you.

  2. In the busy world we live in, it takes effort to avoid turning away from these opportunities. The effect of making the smallest of gestures often rewards us with the greatest of blessings.



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