Sunday, February 22, 2009

The new member of the family

This is Bernice. I adopted her on Friday and the picture below was taken at the home of the family who rescued her.

She's part black lab and seems to have some pit bull in her too. Bernice is very sweet, super energetic and loves to play fetch more than any dog I've ever known! She also goes into ecstacies when given a squeaky toy. The resident cats are seriously annoyed but they'll get over it!


  1. congrats to you and bernice - she's fortunate to have finally found a great family! :)

  2. Welcome to our newest family member. Sorry the cats have been momentarily demoted- happens to every older sibling.

  3. She looks very sweet, just like her "mom."

  4. Congrats! Bernice looks like a sweetie...

  5. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Hooray for Bernice and for you too, Ellie. You know the cats will get revenge before getting over it don't you?
    Having a part lab named Harry, I highly recommend a toy called a "kong" and a treat ball(not a cube). Bernice will have energy to burn and you will love every minute of it.
    Any idea how old Bernice is? She looks very happy as she probably already knows just how lucky she is.
    Carolyn L.

  6. Thanks to everyone for the congratulations and the well wishes!

    Berncie is working out wonderfully and even the cats are doing better. :-)

    The vet says she's about two or three, Carolyn. Thanks for the toy recommendations. Bernice is an expert at demolishing toys within 10 minutes or so!

  7. welcome to the bif ole Anglican family Bernice
    dear Ellie, if you think Bernice is enthusiastic now, just wait until she realizes how truly blessed she is to be sharing her life with a blessed mama like yourself.
    wishing you both endless joy and a long life together, dear Ellie


  8. Thank you so much, David! The way I see it is that I'm very blessed to have her!

    Today, I resuced an elderly male dog who was wandering about loose in the street with no collar or microchip. He is well-fed, though, and friendly. I'm putting up "Found" posters and hoping for the best.

    How's your situation, David? My personal email is on my profile if you'd rather contact me that way.

  9. sara b.11:52 PM

    hiya, bernice!


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