Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something about clarity

Good friend of the Center, Annie C., sent us the following:

Seeing our moment-to-moment automatic conditioned reactions is crucial. Without that we will just continue the mess we are creating in our world, in our loveless relationships. Without clarity, the self-pitying or self-aggrandizing soliloquy takes up all the space; then there is just this little stage for the actor, the victim, the hero, the star. If that isn’t seen, self-pitying and self-promoting proceeds and makes oneself and others miserable.

-Toni Packer

I would suggest that the word "clarity" here as it is used is very much related to the notion of "observer consciousness".


  1. Apols Ellie. Is "observer consciousness" a meditation concept? ... I totally agree with the post, by the way. But then that's because I think I can manage a modicum of clarity, and maybe I can't :-)

  2. Here's a pretty good explanation of "observer consciousness" that I just found:

    "The Observer Consciousness does not react to what it sees. Rather, Observer Consciousness simply sees the world from the standpoint of the unbiased witness, the part of you who can see without feeling the need to judge right or wrong, good or bad, that which is seen."

  3. ... is it a Buddhist concept? :-) It sounds Buddhist. It doesn't sound at all what people have traditionally assumed was a Christian consciousness (I mean the shallow interpretation of the same).


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