Friday, October 29, 2010

The Voice in the Stillness

This morning I came upon a page that looks at meditative techniques specifically in a Christian context. Here's some advice from that site:
Relax in a tranquil environment: Choose your spot, and savor the setting. It doesn't matter whether it's a waterfall or another natural setting, a park, watching a sunset, taking in a work of great art in a museum, quieting your soul in a church, or any other kind tranquil environment. Take time to savor peaceful sights, sounds, smells.

Body scan: I feel.... my head chest feels... etc. Move throughout your body, simply noting your physical sensations

Progressive relaxation: (progressively tensing then relaxing muscle groups, etc.)

Focus on the breath: Feel the breath going in and coming out of out the nostrils. Or on the rise and fall of the abdomen or chest in conjunction with your breathing. (If it's extremely quiet, you may be able to focus on your pulse.)

Environment scan: I hear this, I see this, I smell this, I feel this, etc.

Focus on a fixed object or sound: Concentrate on something outside of you: for instance, a flower, painting, candle, crucifix, icon, or the sound of water, wind, or traffic.
It's pretty basic stuff and is suitable, really, for everyone.

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  1. Lovely site, Ellie - thank you.

    Would it be too much to ask you to perhaps post a little on walking meditation at some stage?... Nothing huge, I am just interested to hear your pointers on the subject :-)


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