Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday life form blogging



  1. Stunning birdie! Never heard of red and yellow barbet. I showed its photo to my birdies and one of them gave a loud nervous squawk.

  2. I had never before heard of the red and yellow barbet myself, Cathy. This photo came to my attention because it was the Wikimedia Commons photo of the day on Tuesday, I think. You're right: stunning.

  3. I was cycling through a nearby forest a couple of weeks ago and at one point when I stopped the bike I heard a light hammering sound, and when I looked up I saw a great spotted woodpecker drumming with his (her?) beak against a branch looking for insects. They're beautiful birds, not as colourful as the barbet, but quite similar:

    wv - jacycla! Weird.


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