Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is from a very brief article on meditation:
In the movie “Powder,” there is a beautiful scene at the county fair, where Powder and Maxine are having a conversation. Powder says: “We are part of everyone and everything.” Maxine: “Are you telling me that I am part of this tree, a part of the vast ocean, a part of a man in jail thousands of miles away?” Powder: “Yes, you don't believe me?” Maxine: “It's hard to believe.”

Can we believe that we're all connected, that we are one with each other? Would that change the world? What if we no longer judged a person whether that person was a heterosexual or homosexual, not judge a person because of his/her religious background, or the color of their skin? Would that change the world and would that change us?
You can find the whole piece right here.


  1. Hi Ellie, I don't know how to email you so I'll just get in touch with you this way until my daughter helps me out with all the technical stuff. Thanks for you kinds comments on my Fairy Print. I really appreciate it....I have more prints to come. I like to imbue them with a positive know, change the world for the better one positive thought at a time. It's so nice to find others who believe in all of this ... sometimes things seem so dark out there, but finding your blog brings in some sunlight (or shall I same Divine Light). I do beleive we are one, there is only one, and we are part of that one. Some years ago I had a vision or thought or whatever, and I could see our beautiful plant and realized that I am part of the planet like different cells are a part of my body and then I felt the whole universe and one big beautiful .... thing (for lack of a better word. Then I knew ... everything and everyone are all connected ... we humans just forgot and are all trying to remember. I do believe that meditation helps us remember who we really are. Anyway, talk to you again soon. Love and Light, and Good Intentions To All !

  2. What a wonderful comment. Thank you!

    My email address is on my complete profile. You can click through to it toward the bottom of the right hand side bar.

    Feel free to email me at any time.


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