Friday, January 21, 2005

If it's Friday, it's cats!!!

I do love Friday cat blogging! Here's a wonderful picture of Cynthia's Simon striking the "royal pose". Doesn't he look ever so serene?

And now I want to introduce you to Ethel, one of the ferals who were living behind my little cottage when I first moved in. Unlike Edgar, Ethel has really resisted being tamed. She is quite ferocious - really a mean girl - but she comes by it honestly; she's had a rough life. She will only let me pet her a little when I feed her. At other times she swats at me or runs off.

Photos by Cynthia Burgess

Please do send me pictures of your companion animals so that they may be acknowledged and honored. I have decided to institute "Wednesday life-form blogging" for non-cat pictures so dogs, lizards, birds, ferrets - whatever - definitely may apply! But Fridays will always be for CATS. I'm sure there's something sacred about it. :-)

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