Sunday, January 23, 2005

Wisdom and Science

I got a marvelous email from Larry Hicks the other day in which he asked the following: "Did you happen to listen to "Science Friday" today on NPR? The first hour topic was on "Science and Faith". I was driving across central Oklahoma and it was fading in and out, but I caught some interesting segments .... It does seem to me there is a closer kinship with scientists vs "abstract" religionists than there is with "fundamental" vs "abstract" religionists ..... "

Later he observed "...that MOST of America is primitive when it comes to scientific understanding."

I often do listen to "Science Friday" although I didn't happen to catch the program last week. I wish I had. I suppose I must fit into the category named as "abstract religionist" for I do sense that I have a lot in common with the physicists and not much in common with the fundamentalists at all. And I too am very alarmed by the massive ignorance in our country about science as well as the rampant anti-intellectualism in general.

And so I offer you this wonderful self-blessing by Caitlin Matthews that speaks to this issue quite eloquently all the while reminding us of the importance of meditation. Enjoy!

I don the breastplate of wisdom,
the nine jewels of the gifted ones:
song of poetry,
sustenance of reflection,
strength of meditation,
deepening of lore,
response of research,
replenishment of knowledge,
illumination of intelligence,
nurture of understanding,
exaltation of wisdom.
The nine jewels of bards and druids
shield and protect my soul
from scathe this Winter day.

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