Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Not one damn dime"

A few days ago I mentioned the importance of activism as a part of one's spiritual practice. Remember, the meditative approach to life does not mean acquiescing or going passive in the face of dishonesty, oppression and injustice. And so as Inauguration Day approaches I want to call your attention to a form of activism you might want to consider taking. Center participant Paul Rogers sent me a very eloquent email on the nationwide protest action recommended for Thursday. I reprint it here in its entirety:

Last week I got an email that I lost almost at once, but the idea was pretty basic and fairly easy to be a part of if you want.

On January 20, 2005, George Bush will be sworn in for his second term. If you disagree with his waging war against the people of Iraq, if you disagree with his gutting of policies put in place to protect the environment, if you disagree with his give aways to the wealthy by destroying progressive programs, if you disagree with his curtailing of personal freedom, if you disagree with his constant dishonesty, if you disagree with his abandonment of the Constitution to kiss up to special interests...well you get the idea.

On January 20th, do not make a single purchase anywhere for anything. Don't put a single dime into the economy on that day to register your disgust with his arrogance. Buy your gas, do your grocery shopping, buy your Nikes, and get that six pack on Wednesday. Wait to go to the bank, pick up your prescription, get a drink at Quick Trip, and buy a dozen dough nuts until Friday. Not one damn dime spent by nearly 50% of the country on that day will remind George Bush that his election was not a mandate, but a squeaker.

Not one damn dime on January, 20, 2005.

I will definitely be participating in this boycott. I was actually scheduled to participate in a meeting in Oklahoma City on Thursday but have begged off due to my commitment not to spend any money that day. I can't get to the City and back with out getting gas. I do urge everyone who values compassion for the environment and for the poor to participate in this demonstration. And I will also recommend doing either the Tonglen compassion practice or the Metta lovingkindness practice on the 20th for all who will be hurt by this administration's policies. Finally I want to call your attention once more to the Dr. King quote I posted yesterday. Indeed, let us not be silent about things that matter.

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