Friday, May 19, 2006

Keeping your word to yourself

I have often made the point in my teaching that the most important spiritual practice we can do is to keep our word to ourselves. This strengthens self-esteem, respect, commitment and the ability to change. Carol Adams makes this point as well in The Inner Art of Vegetarianism Workbook: Spiritual Practices for Body and Soul.
Meditation is the process of calming the restless mind's ceaseless wanderings. Through meditation, we develop attention and learn how to focus awareness. The practice cultivates the mind, awakens something within us, and allows us to focus attention on the present moment. When I wanted to bring meditation practice into my life, I decided to meditate for ten minutes. The energy that was released by meditating for ten minutes became a part of me. Besides the morning energy that desired a meditation practice, there was now also the energy generated by the practice itself, as well as the energy that flowed from the excitement of keeping the promise. Keeping promises to ourselves is a way to say to our unconscious, "I will meet you here" and, by doing so, we signal our commitment. The art of doing it is important.

When we don't keep our word to ourselves we are devaluing ourselves. Be willing to assign significant value to your own inner journey. We do that by following through on our commitment to meditate. Even if it's only for five minutes a day we will reap enormous benefits.

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