Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You are already whole

Who or what is the real you? Definitely not your ego. And definitely not the afflictive emotions that cause suffering. Here's a passage from Coming to our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn that speaks to this:
Your awareness is a very big space within which to reside. It is never not an ally, a friend, a sanctuary, a refuge. And it is never not here, only sometimes veiled. But knowing it is subtle. The realm of awareness requires visiting many times, if every so briefly. Aiming, sustaining, aiming, sustaining, aiming, sustaining. If you appeal to
awareness in your doubt, in your unhappiness, in your confusion, in your anxiety, in your pain, these mind states are no longer "yours." They are just weather patterns in the mind and body. That dimension of "you" that already knows that you are doubting, unhappy, confused, anxious, in pain, resentful, is not any of those things, and is already okay, already whole. It will never not be what and who you actually are at the most fundamental level.

We visit that awareness during meditation and regular formal meditation teaches us to have that awareness at other times during our day. It is so worth it to do this practice because of the profound alleviationg of suffering meditation makes possible.

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