Monday, May 22, 2006

Meditation and cancer treatment

Here's an article found in an Australian paper entitled, "Disease opens door to meditation":
THE constant chatter and stress that once consumed Maree Reeves' mind has vanished since cancer shook her life almost two years ago.

The vicious disease had never crossed her mind until a routine pap smear signalled a total life change.

The then 50-year-old businesswoman had cervical cancer but was adamant she would fight the disease and get on with the next stage of her life.

"I was devastated but I realised you have to get used to this and accept it,'' Mrs Reeves said.

"I learnt you have to enjoy every day while you can and be positive. After all, you might be dead in six months.''

A complete life overhaul came as she found a new spiritual calling towards the calming technique of meditation.

While at the height of chemotherapy she started meditation as an alternative therapy.

Three days a week she meditates in her lounge overlooking the sea.

"It has the power to unearth a mind-body connection producing a calming flow. It stops that chatter in your mind,'' Mrs Reeves said.

"If you are constantly thinking of the disease it just upsets you too much. This can change your entire outlook.''

Mrs Reeves is tackling her second bout of the disease after discovering a tumour in her neck last June but remains a picture of good health.

Tomorrow she will find out the result of her six-monthly check-up and is expecting a positive result.

"You don't want stress in your life. I think that has a lot to do with (cancer). With meditation you don't focus on the past or future. You visualise on getting rid of the tumour,'' Mrs Reeves said.

"My mantra is in every day and every way to get better. I concentrate on that and not the disease,'' she said.

Next month I will be giving a talk to the medical staff at the Tulsa location of Cancer Treatment Centers of America on the benefits of meditation. I'm so glad medical people are waking up to the importance of inner work in their treatment plans.

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  1. I hope your friend is doing meditation in addition to her other therapy rather than instead of. As one who has gone through multiplt rounda of cancer surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.

    I know for a fact that meditation helps with recovery and can be a vital part of what we do to survive.


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