Sunday, December 02, 2007

Advent Sunday

Yesterday my copy of Contemplative Outreach News came in the mail. In it was an article by Thomas Keating with this stunning paragraph:
Be effortlessly aware of the Ground of Being from which all things arise at each nanosecond of time and which might be described as ever-present Awareness keeping silent watch. It is non-judgmental, simple, penetrating all reality; the backdrop, background, and source of everything, and the eternal Now beneath the apparent movement of time.
Later he says this:
Ever-present Awareness does not do anything. It just is and sustains all that exists, letting all things follow their innate nature and fulfill their created purpose.
Most people are so busy doing this time of year. So let's all try to keep Advent for the next few weeks by remembering to meditate regularly - whatever our religious affiliation or belief system may be. Because if we don't actively elect to take time out for silence and reflection, the craziness of the dominant culture during this season will overtake us. Advent is about letting go and waiting and watching. The meditative teachings help us to do just that.

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