Friday, December 28, 2007

Not knowing

Someone named Mark McDermott has a blog that is mostly about meditation. Here's something he said recently:
Embracing "Not Knowing" has changed my experience of life. Not knowing what will happen next - easy in some cases, damn difficult in others. Not knowing how I will feel. Not knowing what another person is feeling, why they are doing something the way they are, why they are even wearing the darn shirt they have one, let alone what lies deep in their emotional well.
This is about letting life unfold rather than trying to engineer the process. Once again (with feeling!) this does not mean we are to go passive or take no action about the world's wrongs. It means knowing we can be okay even when we can't change what we wish we could change. It means knowing we will have the inner resources to deal with whatever happens even when what happens is something we will not like or is something that is truly devastating.

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  1. Anonymous8:53 PM

    thank you for the reminder of always being a beginner, in the sense that we really don't know. and for being ok with just staying open to that...not knowing.


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