Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meditation and depression

Here's an article I found this morning called Meditation may be effective depression-fighter:
Meditating could be a simple solution to treating depression.

Brain scans show significant changes in brain waves after just a few weeks of meditation.

Experts say meditation helps patients get rid of anger, anxiety and just let everything go:

"You start to notice the little, itty-bitty thoughts that slowly build up," says Diane Grove, a meditation instructor. "If you let go of the thought and you come back to the sensations of the body, a lot of times you find out that things are okay."

Many who practice meditation say they're developing the mental muscle to keep negative moments from snowballing.
Of course, appropriate medical treatment is also important. I wouldn't want anyone who suffers from depression to stop taking his or her medication. But learning to meditate can help with the habitual unskillful ways depressed people typically work with the thoughts they have.

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