Monday, January 14, 2008

An enlightened airline

My goodness. Look at what I just found:
Flyers onboard Virgin Atlantic flights can now take advantage of a new inflight meditation facility.

As a result of the popularity of its inflight audio meditation service, the carrier has now launched an offering that utilises audio and visual effects to provide a 30-minute meditation experience for passengers.

The Total Relaxation facility could help to lower blood pressure and boost the immune system as a result of minimising anxiety and stress, the airline said.

"Long-haul flights can be challenging for some travellers, especially if sleep proves difficult," commented Richard Latham of, the provider of the service, adding: "By watching the Total Relaxation movie, passengers enter a state of pure bliss."

Virgin Atlantic's overall
inflight entertainment offering includes the use of individual seatback screens showing films and television programmes and providing a range of music options, as well as the Skymap service, which shows passengers exactly where the plane is and provides facts about the flight.
Mind you, the kind of meditation I recommend is not about blissing out. Still, this airline is trying to promote the spiritual well-being of passengers and I think it's a wonderful idea.

As an aside, the most enjoyable flight I ever took across the pond was on Virgin Atlantic. The flight attendants gave the impression that they themselves were just having a marvelous time and could not imagine wanting to be anywhere else.

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