Thursday, January 03, 2008

Is meditation boring?

Artist: Jamie Winter

I came across an article on meditation in which the writer makes this marvelous remark:

Another remark I’ve often come across is “Meditation is boring.” Do you really find your own company boring? Because that’s what meditation is: being with yourself...
In another part of the article he says:

Meditation does not just calm you, it also blunts that painful edge of being in a competitive environment. You do not regard another as a competitor whom you must defeat; you affectionately regard his or her high standards as those you too can achieve. If you meditate for just 20 minutes daily, you will find a new keenness in your taste; your sense of humour too will be stronger where you laugh more, and more joyously; and your physical exercise sessions will feel like fun-and-games sessions. Oh yes, please do continue your cycling, walking or any form of exercise as also your sensible eating ways.
Good stuff.

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  1. Thank you again. And I love the picture!


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