Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Free" meditation

When I'm stuck waiting I use that time to meditate and I call if "free meditation"! Here's an article that encourages people to do just that:
Did you know the average American spends 42-60 minutes a day waiting? We wait for doctor's appointments or meetings. We wait on hold on the telephone and for computer programs to download. We wait in line at grocery stores and banks and we wait in traffic.

The Don't Wait - Meditate(TM) pledge invites people to convert waiting time into meditating time. If each and every one of us did this one, SIMPLE thing we would all have a regular meditation practice and experience the beneficial results!

People from all across the globe (U.S., Canada, England, Iran, Australia, Ethiopia, China, Bangladesh, Jamaica, India, France, Germany, Egypt and more ...) have signed the Don't Wait - Meditate(TM) pledge and agreed to convert their waiting time into meditating time. And holistic centers across the U.S. are even coming on board by converting their waiting rooms into meditating rooms!
You can read more about it right here.

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