Sunday, June 01, 2008

About thought

So it's worth pondering that this whole system, which we are calling 'thought', works as a system of reflexes. The question is: can you become aware of the reflex character of thought--that it is a reflex, that it is a whole system of reflexes which is constantly capable of being modified, added to, changed? And we could say that as long as the reflexes are free to change then there must be some kind of intelligence or perception, something a bit beyond the reflex, which would be able to see whether it's coherent or not. But when it gets conditioned too strongly it may resist that perception; it may not allow it.

-- David Bohm

Meditation is the process that slowly dissolves the kind of resitance that Bohm is talking about. It is the most powerful method going for increasing our perception of coherence and non-conherence.

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