Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happiness and gratitude

A friend of mine sent me a list of happiness factors today that were very interesting. Here's one of them:
Someone did a study of Olympic athletes, and they found out that people who won a bronze medal were happier than people who won a silver medal. That's because athletes who won the silver medal focused on how they missed the gold medal, but people who won the bronze were grateful because they knew how close they had come to receiving no medal at all. There is a link between gratitude and happiness, which is why some people suggest keeping a gratitude journal. This little book is where you list the things that we are thankful for every day.
I know this is true because back when I was in the music business I was amazed that I was actually earning my living as a musician at all and I therefore felt very successful. I had friends, however, who were at about the same level as I was but who were unhappy with themselves because they did not have a world class career. I remember really taking note of that and instructing myself not to forget it!

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