Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The ethical obligation to wake up

I want to share one more paragraph from the Pema Chödrön article I quoted yesterday:

Times are difficult globally; awakening is no longer a luxury or an ideal. It's becoming critical. We don't need to add more depression, more discouragement, or more anger to what's already here. It's becoming essential that we learn how to relate sanely with difficult times. The earth seems to be beseeching us to connect with joy and discover our innermost essence. This is the best way that we can benefit others.
That's what meditation is all about - waking up to what is real. Let us all make a commitment to use whatever comes our way as material for the path of awakening. Times truly are indeed difficult. We all need to do what we can and that means doing our spiritual work as a foundation for whatever else we are able to do.

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  1. April6:37 AM

    Yes, it's true. We, the people of the world, have been asleep for such a long time. But it's becoming apparent that we must wake from this very long hibernation, the time is now.

    I remember watching a film years ago, by filmmaker Spike Lee, called "School Daze". Following the various "isms" revealed in the movie, the lead character ended the film looking directly in the camera with a loud and powerful call to "Wake Up!!!"

    Our world and our lives depend on it.



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