Thursday, September 17, 2009

More about self-acceptance

I have had occassion recently to reflect about the pernicious nature of self-denigration that often plagues people's suffering. I attribute this, among other things, to the so-called "just world" theory so prevalent in this country. The "just world" notion posits that we deserve whatever happens to us - that if we do everything "right" then our life will go smoothly and we will get what we want. Many, many, many people believe this. That philosphy is exposed when a person who is beset by difficulties cries out, "What did I do to deserve this?"

Radical self-acceptance really is the way. Here's part of a little reflection that I found on a Beliefnet blog:
For me, remaining in the moment is probably the most difficult thing in the world. When I try to meditate, it seems that my thoughts are bouncing off the walls.. I think the more I try to remain still, the less success I have.

Now I am working on acceptance. However I feel,.whatever, is happening, I remind myself myself to accept the present moment unconditionally. If am meditating, and not doing a good job of quieting my thoughts, I am learning to accept that. I remind myself many times during the day, to accept myself..

As I become less judgemental, I reduce the level of stress not only on me, but on people around me. In time, I will no longer have to remind myself to be self accepting, it will become natural.
I think the person writing here is just a little bit optimistic in thinking that we will at some point no longer have to remind ourselves to be self-accepting. It is, however, quite realistic to have confidence that, as we practice, we will need to remind ourselves much less often.

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