Monday, September 21, 2009

Simple, to the point

I like this paragraph:
Anyone can meditate; there is no special belief or lifestyle required. Daily meditation is recommended and the time can vary from five minutes to an hour or more. While meditation has been a spiritual practice for centuries, today it is increasingly used in medical settings. At its simplest level, meditation is forced downtime, and that alone is good for you. But meditation has been shown to help make chronic pain such as headache and back pain more manageable. It is helpful for anxiety and panic, sleep problems, gastrointestinal distress, fatigue, job or family stress and skin disorders.
And here's another:
Whether meditation becomes a spiritual pursuit or not is a totally personal call. But if we quiet ourselves, and pay close mindful attention, then what opens up to us in the rest of our lives is always a surprise. When mind and body are synchronized, there is a balance that calls upon the universal wisdom. There you find moments of inner peace, you feel content and happy. And these are snippets of what life is about.
I found both in a little article called "Meditative Strength".

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