Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One problem with attachment to judgment!


One important principle of meditation practice is that of "acceptance without judgment". I'm just suggesting that the intersection in the Venn diagram above might well increase a bit the more faithful we are to that principle!! :-)


  1. hey there,

    Would you be able to take a sec and link to my blog to sign a petition asking the government of Canada to include animal protection laws in the constitution.

    And, to increase your good karma, please let as many people as you can know.


  2. Sure, Traveller. Only I'll do it on my political blog, Child of Illusion.

    This is, of course, very important.

  3. Thank you very much for your deep sympathies. We lost another kitty/long time family member last year after 19 years of her being our friend and kitty. Thank you also for choosing to sign my petition. I've written to many politicians and hope to if not hear back then at least gain some much needed signatures!

    Thank you again:)


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