Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slowing down

We rarely think of the actual advantages of needing to slow down as we get older:

When I found I no longer had the stamina to work long hours clearing the fallen limbs in the woods around my house, I began to bring a lawn chair and a thermos with me. I still work in the woods, but stop frequently to sit and have a cup of tea. I’ve identified birds I didn’t know lived here and evidence that a bobcat shares the property. Since I’ve slowed down some, I see things I never saw before and find that quiet solitude is not lonely but nurturing, allowing my heart to open to the signs and lessons of nature that surround me.

- Sallirae Henderson

I also really like how she says the solitdue is not lonely but nuturing. That is my experience as well.


  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    mine too ellie.
    annie c

  2. A lovely reminder about slowing down. Still winter and not loving the rainy, grey days outside, I've taken to reading without guilt. I still workout and am active - but reading and resting without guilt I've found to be a wonderful lesson for me.

  3. Glad you liked this, Annie and Sunrise!

    Yes, Sunrise. Just DUMP the guilt about reading and resting. Totally useless! (Ha! The guilt, I mean.)


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