Friday, April 09, 2010

What it means to proceed

I really like this:

It is important to expect nothing,
To take every experience,
Including the negative ones,
As merely steps on the path,
And to proceed.

-- Ram Dass

We need to keep on keeping on - no matter what. And Ram Dass has certainly paid his dues in that department so he definitely has the right to speak.


  1. A favorite slogan, pioneered, I think by Margaret Wheatley: "Proceed until apprehended." I have the t-shirt.

  2. another rather sweet cat. Though it looks as though it's looking to see if there's something it can kill hanging around, but then cats are like that.

    Like the quote from Ram Dass.

  3. "Proceed until apprehended."

    That's funny, Steve.

    And I like it!


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