Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Even one minute

This morning I came across a simple, ordinary little article entitled "30 Benefits of Meditation". It's nothing to write home about, really. Except that two sentences stood out to me as being both simply and effectively expressed:
Meditation can be simply sitting in a quiet room, concentrating on your breath slowly in and out, for no longer than a minute. Yes, even one minute can bring great benefits to your life.
This is true. Do trust me on this one!

I would only add that you not judge yourself regarding distractions.

You can go a long way on this approach all by itself.


  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    love this. only 1 minute ... very doable!

  2. It's very true. When you are focused in silence (and on breathing), two minutes can seem like a very long time. It really works!


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