Thursday, February 03, 2011

Still snowed in

I'm sorry to say that the Center is still closed as of today (Thursday, Feb. 3). Tonight's Foundation Class is cancelled and I will be unable to see people for individual appointments as well.

I do recommed that we all meditate on the principle of impermance!

Take care, everybody, keep warm, be careful out there, and I'll see you soon.
PS: Here's a quotation for you to give you some material for reflection:

Life is. I am. Anything might happen. And I believe I may invest my life with meaning. The uncertainty is a blessing in disguise. If I were absolutely certain about all things, I would spend my life in anxious misery, fearful of losing my way. But since everything and anything are always possible, the miraculous is always nearby and wonders shall never, ever cease.

-- Robert Fulghum

That really a good point about certainty, isn't it?

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  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Yes, it is a wonderful point of view! Very uplifting...
    annie c


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