Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meditation and life

Today I went looking for a really life affirming article about meditation and I found the following passages from a piece entitled, "Meditation - Yes to life":
Normally we judge and evaluate our behavior and ourselves, rather than simply watch without judgment and evaluation. Since an early age we have been taught to judge ourselves, so that now it is even easier not to judge others than ourselves.

A non-judgmental attitude means to learn to love even the imperfect and incomplete within ourselves. It means to include and embrace all that which we do not accept in ourselves in the light of awareness. A non-judgmental attitude means to say yes even to that which we say no to in ourselves. A question that we can ask ourselves in different situations is if we say no, if we judge that which arises in our consciousness, or if we simply can be aware and watch without judging and evaluating.
There are basically two different ways to relate to life. The first way is to say no to life and the other way is to say yes to life. The first way means to act out of our ego, from our separate I. The other way means to act from our inner being, from our authentic self, from the inner source of love and truth, from the silence and emptiness within us, from the inner capacity to surrender to life.
May today be a day of celebrating new life, refreshed life, restored life for you.


  1. What you have posted is true, lovely and helpful to remember and embrace. Thanks for this Easter gift.

    Reminds me of a saying I use and share with others - "Saying no is actually saying something else." I encourage others to say no to doing one more good thing, when saying that no is actually saying yes to self care.

  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Thank you very much for your posting today.

    Hope your time off is refreshing and enriching.


  3. Hi, Marilyn and Clarence. I'm very glad the post was meaningful to you both.

    A blessed Eastertide!


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