Friday, December 17, 2004

Cat Blogging!

Those of you familiar with the blog culture are no doubt aware of the Friday custom known as "cat blogging". I'm not sure how it got started but it is a tradition now for bloggers to post cat pictures every Friday. Of course some people got tired of cats and choose other life forms. One blogger posts ferret pictures instead of cats. Still another posts pictures of orchids! But I like the original commitment to cats. (Surprise, surprise!)

So, here we go:

Here's Leroy looking very serene.

(Photo by Ellie)

And here's Rob Nairn with Henry. (Rob loves cats!) Rob, as most of you know, is the author of Tranquil Mind, Diamond Mind, and Living, Dreaming, Dying. He was my primary meditation teacher in Cape Town and he has a special interest in the Center. Rob has been to Oklahoma five times in recent years to teach and give public talks and we hope to welcome him back again soon.

(Photo by Cynthia)

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