Friday, December 31, 2004

Email Activism

I got an email today from my dear friend Lance Moody who has joined with other spouses of bishops in a letter writing campaign to protest the amount of money being spent on the inauguration. The protest action is to write to President Bush suggesting that there be a simple, private inauguration like that of FDR during war time and that the $40 million saved be donated to tsunami relief efforts. Of course it will never happen but the campaign could have quite an impact and make an important statement if enough people would do it. I have already emailed the president to that effect and I urge everyone reading this to do so as well. Here is his email address:

I also want to urge everyone to remember the Tonglen practice of extending compassion to all beings. First, as always, give yourself compassion. Then do Tonglen for the victims of the tsunami and for the relief workers as well. And when you email the President, do Tonglen for him. It will keep your heart open and will purify any judgment in your consciousness. Then be sure to do the practice for others who are like you and who feel the way you do. Do Tonglen whenever any disturbing news comes to your attention. It will help you experience solidarity with others and it will enable you to remain truly in the moment no matter what information comes into your awareness.


  1. Thanks, Ellie, for the suggestion of e-mailing President Bush. I just clicked on your link and sent an e-mail. If enough people would do that I think the White House would take notice and respond positively.


  2. Anonymous1:29 AM

    a little f. in late ya think


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